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They live everywhere, really. A lot of them probably do live in Europe, but… Itsuki: But really, they come from all over the world. There are also some in Brazil. As for being scared — I think there will be that sort of danger everywhere. I want to drink beer in Germany. What is there in LA? He wants to see the Mediterranean side of his family.

I think they will. We just have a cat. Our band is animal-related, though. We also would like people to come see us live. I want people to come to our shows. People all over the world? If you can afford a plane ticket. We did have some people who came to our last one-man from as far as Canada, though. Please continue to support Kotetsu. Enter using one or all of the entry methods on Rafflecopter for your chance to win.

The deadline is February 10th. I love the TBS but such band rarely get coverage in English. That just means I have to put in extra effort into my Japanese studies so I can get writing! I also used to be a visual-kei fan living in foreign country, so I swear this interview will make their foreign fans happy for sure! Thank you TBS for the interview, I just love them so much. It asks of the personal investment ans a lot of time but we are happy to make it because TBS is the most charming, most energetic et chari group of VK who is! You are the sun which illuminates our days even the most black.

That was an interesting interview.

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And I will try to send fan letter because TBS are my favorite band. And I hope they won't be only seen as the cat band because their music is really good and they have so much more than cute Kotetsu. It is that in Mexico there are not many fans, but I would like TBS to come here to make a presentation please! Continue fighting for your dreams, I will always support you. Espero que crezcan mucho y tengan esas alas que tengo desean. Can I just say Haunted Jealousy by Nega is an awesome song. I have been following Jin since he was in Nega but I rarely found any information about the band.

Really glad and happy for this interview. This is a really good interview! I like all the different questions asked. We learned alot about the band! Thank you so much for doing this! Im excited to read more interviews you put out! Thank you for this interview. Thank you sooo much for this translation!!! As I read it, it make me cry of happiness!!! They did remember me i guess, i am from Canada and will defenitly go see them again!!!

Cant wait for the whole album to be released. I will defenitly try to worte more letters to them, especially to Jin! Kinda interesting that they picked Terakoya because the bands were so different from them. I like their attitude…. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. They've been in a constant whirlwind of activities ev Rating: Hali February 3, at 7: Hali February 3, at 8: Unintentional duplicate reply amidst editing my comment! Seloria February 3, at 8: Ayano February 3, at 8: Mina February 3, at 9: Pomm February 3, at 1: Espero que crezcan mucho y tengan esas alas que tengo desean MikuYume.

Ku February 3, at She lowered her meal for a moment, still looking at Regina with wide eyes. A large grin slowly spread across her face before she finally set her sandwich down and let go the laughter she was trying to keep in. Regina looked flustered at first, having blurted out such a comment, knowing full well that she was referring to their afterhours activities, but soon followed suit and laughed as well.

Emma stood up from her chair and leaned across the desk, planting a soft kiss on the other woman's lips. Regaining her posture, the deputy mayor smiled her most classic smile which was somewhere between a smirk and a natural smile. It was one of the things that Emma could not turn down. Regina's smile was so deliciously devious and seductive that it nearly melted Emma every time. We can't really move forward without consulting some other residents.

We could certainly use a bit of help from the dwarves and perhaps Marco and August. I figured that since we were done, I'd do some grocery shopping and fix us something nice for dinner. I haven't made lasagna in awhile. I asked David if he and Snow wanted to come over and join us. Want me to pick up anything? She hadn't touched any of her food yet, but she found that the idea that was stumbling around in her head was more important. Or is it that you don't want to go beyond this? A rock fell a thousand meters into Emma's stomach and landed flatly in the middle somewhere, making her painfully aware of how nervous she had become.

It wasn't that she didn't want to be with Regina and Henry. In fact there wasn't anything she wanted more than that. Her excuse a few months ago when Regina first brought it up was that she wanted to spend more time with her parents and Regina gracefully backed down for the time being.

But it was well over a year since they began dating and it was almost getting silly with the amount of time that Emma was spending at Regina's. Even Henry had moved most of his things back into his room. Emma was saved from answering and revealing all her fears when the office phone rang. She held up her hand to politely excuse herself from the conversation and picked up the phone.

Regina sighed and rolled her eyes, but she was not ready to give in. Give me a few minutes, I'll be right over She placed a hand on the brunette's shoulder and leaned in to kiss her cheek.

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I don't mean to cut this short, but I've got an emergency call. Can we talk about this later? Regina grasped Emma's hand on her shoulder and locked her gaze on the blonde. Do you or do you not want to move this relationship further? Emma took a deep breath and kissed Regina fully on the lips, brushing her tongue softly over her lips and deepening the kiss for just a moment.

She pulled away and smiled, "I plan on taking this wherever we need to take it, as far as we need to take it. Even if it's just one step at a time. Sorry, baby, really gotta go. The site Emma had been called to was just barely outside the city line. Since the curse broke, the nasty little spell that was on the town's perimeter had disappeared.

Most people stayed out of Storybrooke, but occasionally they'd have one or two outside visitors. By now, the town had such an act in place that anyone walking in from the outside would find nothing particularly interesting about the town. She found two highway patrol officers in a clearing not far from the road, both looking down at the dirt coated child planted on the ground. She was very much alive, but oddly silent. She was small and obviously under nourished with dull blonde hair, and wearing a pale blue dress, she gazed up as Emma approached with vacant eyes. One of them, a medium figured man with sandy blonde hair glanced up as Emma approached.

Well, we got a call in from a semi truck driver who said this child ran out into the road. He said he almost hit her.

Smashwords – The Shattered Swan – a book by Krystiana Stacy Kelly

He got out of the truck and found the little girl here, just sitting down on the ground. The officers shook their heads. Look, Sheriff Swan, she's practically within your city limits and we'd rather not call the FBI for this, so how about we leave her to you and we take care of the driver?

He's back on the side of the road.

Captain Swan-Shattered

She figured this would happen. Way out here, the State authorities would rather leave things like this to the town they were confined in. Things usually got weird. Keep us out of your reports and I'll keep you out of ours. They didn't want the hassle of pulling up some kind of child abuse case. It always became something bigger and convoluted when children were involved.

They quickly left Emma and the little girl, returning down the road where they had left their patrol car. She rolled her eyes once the officers were gone. I swear I really think they just go around writing tickets. The girl stared at her and Emma frowned.

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This child couldn't be far from Henry's age, perhaps near 8 or 9 years old. Something painful twisted in Emma's chest and she offered her hand to the girl. Emma smiled, relieved that the girl was at least somewhat willing to open up to her. Do you want to come back to town with me? She sighed in relief, leading the child back to the patrol car and helping her into the front seat. As they drove down the road back into Storybrooke, Emma picked up her cellphone and dialed the first number in her favorites list.

Um… I've come across an interesting case… it may involve both of us. Sighing, Emma put her phone away and glanced between the road and the little girl. She managed to keep her cool as they passed the first houses into town. Deciding that she needed to bring this directly to the Deputy Mayor instead of the police station, Emma passed through downtown, running all sorts of ideas about the child in her head.

Henry was like this, too. Emma knew all too well about children and their imaginations. She didn't believe it at first, when her son appeared out of nowhere, insisting that she was the Savior, the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming and that his mother was the Evil Queen of the Enchanted Forest.

But after spending enough time in Storybrooke and with it's residents, Emma wasn't sure what was real or imagination. She had even been in the Enchanted Forest and seen it's remnants. She stood in the royal nursery with Snow as her same aged mother sadly looked around the room and the shattered hopes that lay scattered on the floor. She only nodded, staring at her own hands. Emma occasionally looked over at the girl, taking note of her appearance.

The child's long blonde hair was matted and messy, uneven in places from tangles and poor care. Her pale blue dress was torn and her black Mary Jane shoes were clearly faded and worn. The girl's entire appearance told the story of poor foster care. It was no wonder that the state officers were so quick to drop it on Emma's lap. She parked the car in front of Regina's mansion and shut off the vehicle. Before she got out, she turned to Alice and offered her hand to the little girl again.

Will you let me help you? Emma was taken aback at first, but she slowly allowed herself to relax and patted the girl's messy hair. There's someone very important to me who can help us out. After prying Alice off of her, Emma got out of the car and opened the passenger door for the girl. With the look of a scared animal, Alice climbed out and immediately grabbed onto Emma's hand.

The sheriff was all too familiar with that sort of attachment. When she was younger and being moved between foster homes, she had her fair share of unfortunate homes. Often they were homes where the adults were just taking in children to rake in the government funding. Once in awhile, someone nice would come along and Emma would always want to cling to them like they could save her. Something in her gut told her that this child was feeling the same way. She walked with Alice to the doorstep, just as Regina flung the door open. Are you all right?! Immediately her heart melted as she saw the girl duck behind Emma at Regina's intensity.

She's a little scared. State troopers found her in the woods off the side of the road after a truck nearly hit her. I think she's a runaway.

The Shattered Swan

Emma guided the girl to the couch in the sitting room, smiling softly at her to calm the child down. Alice's eyes, now a bit brighter than when she had first encountered Emma, drifted all around the room, taking in the sheer regality of the furnishings. It was true that Regina kept an immaculately clean home, but it was also decorated in such a way that exemplified her previous status as Queen. Whatever it was about the room, it kept Alice focused enough that Regina could pull her girlfriend away.

The brunette dragged Emma into the kitchen where she pulled her close and whispered harshly, "Miss Swan," she began, indicating that she was not at all pleased. Emma put up her hands defensively, "Just hear me out, Regina. I have a really strong feeling that this girl is from an abusive foster home and that she just needs someone to take care of her for a bit.

Come on, I can't just leave a kid like that to the state authorities. Emma winced at the words, understanding full well that she was not behaving as a proper sheriff should. I'm not so heartless that I'd send a child out on the streets.